Welcome to the blog for Hand to Mouth, a new song-play and work-in-progress by Agape Performance Group featuring special guest composer Miguel Frasconi. Hand to Mouth weds the virtuosic, chamaeleon talents of renowned tenor John Duykers with Frasconi's esoteric and often enchanting music. Spontaneous music compositions are played on glass goblets and bowls, toy piano, kalimbas, cooking and eating utensils, farm implements, electronic keyboards and computer.

Hand to Mouth celebrates the journey of the seed from soil to plate and exposes the inner thoughts of a farmer as he ponders the meaning of his life's work.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hand to Mouth Rehearsal - Little Brook

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September 14, 2009

In this video clip Miguel Frasconi & John Duykers rehearse Little Brook, a song based on the poem Brook-Song by James Whitcomb Riley.  The rehearsal was documented by ethnographer Cynthia DuVal at the French Garden Farm in the hills outside of Sebastopol, California.  Rehearsed on the first rainy day of the season this love song sung from a seed to a brook felt all the more magical after months of dry weather.

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  1. I love this beautiful poem and song. It gives me the chills.